Who we are

Branch Technologies was founded in 2020 under the visionary leadership of our esteemed CEO, Dayton Mills. Our sole purpose is to explore and develop groundbreaking ideas that seamlessly merge the worlds of technology and gaming, redefining the very fabric of interactive entertainment.

We invest in people who have surmounted many obstacles yet remain steadfast with an unwavering determination to cultivate the remarkable and enduring.

Our culture of relentlessly pursuing excellence has earned us a globally recognized reputation as innovators at the forefront of gaming.

Our Leadership

Dayton Mills
Co-Founder and CEO

Dayton has dedicated the past decade to crafting captivating social experiences within the realm of gaming. Renowned for his bold decision to leave high school in pursuit of developing thriving Minecraft servers, he has accumulated invaluable expertise along the way. Today, Dayton stands as the imaginative game designer behind Castaways.

Charles Vien

For 10 years, Charles led the way in shaping the landscape of Minecraft servers. He played a pivotal role in the success of renowned servers such as Arkham, Cosmic, OPCraft, and Vortex Network. His expertise in operating live games has positioned him as one of the foremost thought leaders in game production.

Connor Hollasch

At the remarkable age of 16, Connor embarked on his  journey by scaling massive Minecraft networks for prominent content creators at the widely acclaimed MCProHosting. Since then, he has continued to build and scale even more colossal networks, acquiring invaluable technical expertise that seamlessly transfers to his role at Branch.

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